Reckless Deck PSYCHE

Created by Clark Huggins

PSYCHE is the idea-generating card deck that takes you on a deep dive into your character's MIND. If you're a writer, role playing gamer, or artist-storyteller, this interlocking deck series blasts through your creative blocks, and puts you on the fast track to creating active, complex, "can't take my eyes off them" characters. Its 8 unique categories target the character-building cornerstones professional authors and actors turn to for the biggest creative payoff. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, PSYCHE is the creativity-supercharging prompt system for characters for any genre or time period.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

How the Deck Lineup Changed Since the Kickstarter
about 2 months ago – Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 05:03:21 AM

Hi All!

Now that the Pledge Manager is up and running, several backers have inquired about the changes in the lineup from the Kickstarter campaign to the present. If you've been following along, the project Updates over the past year have outlined this entire evolution, during which many of you commented and offered constructive input along the way.

But for everyone else who had the gall to be out LIVING THIER LIVES instead of following each and every project update, I’d like to take you through the process.

The first interesting thing to note is that none of the changes to the deck lineup were done for budgetary reasons, as some have surmised. All of them were very organic, creative-content based decisions that came out of the evolution of the writing process.

The first change came when, in writing content for separate HORROR and URBAN FANTASY companions, I found the material was too redundant, and overlapped a lot. So, the two Companions were merged into one, to make the HORROR & URBAN FANTASY Companion.

This obviously created a hole that needed to be filled with content to replace it. First, this allowed me to bring the FAIRY TALES & FOLKLORE Mini Companion into the set, which was a stretch goal we didn't get to in the campaign that was clearly very popular with backers.

In-Progress cover art by M.Wayne Miller

It also allowed me to introduce the EPIC FANTASY DARK Mini Companion. This one was was borne out of having too many good card options for the main EPIC FANTASY Companion. Rather than cut a bunch of great stuff, I created a new Mini Companion that grouped all the undead, demons, curses, and necromancy into one separate, self contained mini. It also allowed me to add 60 more cards of fantasy content, which I knew from experience was going to be very popular with both writers and role playing gamers.

Cover art by M. Wayne Miller

Meanwhile, the writing for the originally planned PIRATES Mini Companion was proving to be just… meh. At this point, one thing I’d learned was that each one of the Companions were developing very powerful, distinct personalities. They were all VERY different from one another. And the PIRATES Mini just didn’t have that same pop. However, content relating to piracy, smuggling, and general illicit adventuring while operating out of a ship as a home base? All this had two other very obvious potential homes: SCI FI & CYBERPUNK, and STEAMPUNK & VICTORIAN. So both of these Companions inherited the existing pirate adventure content, which was split between the two of them. This also opened the door for both Companions to really expand their “underworld & outside the law” character & story possibilities, and become much stronger & dynamic sets because of it.

Last, the CONTEMPORARY: MATURE AUDIENCES Mini Companion also came out of the writing process. I found there was a not-small portion of cards in the CONTEMPORARY set that as really compelling and for sure dramatically legitimate, but also either pretty adult, or potentially really polarizing. These didn’t seem to me to belong in the flagship Core Set that could easily be purchased by 12 or 13 year olds in a game shop or a bookstore. PSYCHE is not for kids, but I never wanted it to exclude younger teens who otherwise might really grow their creativity, writing skills, or D&D adventures by using it. I’ve met a lot of parents at shows & conventions who love Reckless Deck for their young teens, but are concerned about content that might be too adult. In regular Reckless Deck, there are literally only 2 or 3 cards in the entire set that might be not kid-appropriate. But in this case, there were DOZENS. I didn’t want to tell those parents: “yup, there’s a TON of kid inappropriate material in here, and good luck finding it all, because it’s all over the place!” A separate mini that captured all of that intensity in one separate place seemed a good compromise for both the younger teens, and the adult users who really just aren’t into that style of character creating, and don’t want that content up in their face all the time.

Which Companions & Mini Decks are you most excited for? Sound off in the comments below!



Pledge Manager Upgrades & Fixes, Part 2
about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 07, 2021 at 06:31:37 PM

Hi again!

Hope you saw the update from a couple of hours ago. The walkthroughs of how to switch into the CARDS ONLY pledge tier needed their own update, with its own easy to find heading. And, I didn't want the rest of this important and very cool information to get lost in the shuffle. Keep reading, cause this one's important - it could either improve your Pledge Manager experience, or even change your choices on things like coins or playmats.

Coin Choice Wonkiness

Some backers alerted me to the fact that there was some strangeness when it came to picking your choice of Steampunk & Sci Fi coins. Steampunk wasn't showing up, and the Sci Fi coin was appearing twice. We found the problem, and it's fixed. you might want to return to your Pledge Manager and check in on your coin choices -  especially if you wanted the Steampunk coin in Antiqued Silver.

Playmat & Mouse Pad Choice Wonkiness

Backers have also reported that the text options for playmat and mousepad options weren't aligning with the visuals. This is also fixed. Both the Passport Tier pledge questions for the playmats, and both the playmat and mouse pad add on options are now all in the same order as their pictures, consistent with their SKU names, and pretty easy to connect by name with the visual.

Improved Coin Images

Some backers have asked for images of each coin in the various color finishes. I was waiting for actual prototype photos before I posted images of the different finishes, but the number of requests led me to try some Photoshop magic with the 3D renders. Let me just say, the results are WAY better than I expected. So every coin now has an image of both sides in gold, silver, and copper, and the pledge questions for Passport tier holders now have corresponding images of the finish choices. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out - they may seriously influence your decisions about which coins you want in which finishes. Take a look:

A Sixth Playmat Option

I've added a sixth playmat and mouse pad design option to both the Pledge Manager and Pre-Order platforms. Why? Because I received a stunning piece of art at the 11th hour, and I want to make it available to you. In the last update, I showe'd you PANDORA'S BOX, by concept artist Lauren St Onge. I think this image is an absolute knockout, and ever since I received it, I’ve been lamenting that there isn’t a playmat or mouse pad option for it. After 3 days of that, I finally just said “f*ck it, I’m doing it!” So now, you can:

  •  Add on the playmat or mouse pad version of Pandora's Box to your order, or, 
  • If you’re a Passport Tier backer, you can easily revise your Pledge Manager to switch your playmat to the Pandora’s Box design if you like.

If you’re happy with the playmat choice you already made, you don’t need to do a thing. I realize that by adding this option, I’m riding the line between offering a cool opportunity and creating a bit of chaos. I felt the utter coolness of Lauren’s art was worth the risk. And, this is the last time I‘ll be introducing a new playmat or mouse pad image. Here are images of both the mouse pad and playmat layouts:

Pandora's Box mouse pad
Pandora's Box playmat

Thanks to everyone for all of your feedback, questions, and enthusiasm over these past few exciting days. And most of all, thanks for your patience, as I've continued to try and iron out some issues. Hopefully we're at the tail end of the troubleshooting, and you guys can enjoy a glitch-free Pledge Manager, and I can get back to finishing the art!

Let me know your thoughts (or any further problems) in the comments below!



How to Upgrade to the CARDS ONLY Pledge Tier
about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 07, 2021 at 01:00:43 AM

Hi All!

I've been hard at work over the weekend trying to address your questions about and issues with the Pledge Manager. One question has come up a LOT:  Since I have re-opened the CARDS ONLY pledge tier, I've heard from a lot of backers who want to do it, but don't know how. Here's how you do it:

Upgrading Your Pledge to CARDS ONLY

  • If you HAVEN'T completed your Pledge Manager yet:

1. Once you click GET STARTED, you'll see this screen. In the top left, you'll see your PLEDGE LEVEL. Click on that.

2. The next screen will be a pop up window with your pledge level. At the top right, you'll see a link that says SWITCH PLEDGE LEVELS? Click that.

3. This will bring you to a pop up window with both the CARDS ONLY and PASSPOER TIER 2.0 Pledge Levels as options to upgrade to. Choose CARDS ONLY (unless you want the Passport Tier.)

  • If you've ALREADY COMPLETED your Pledge Manager, and want to change tiers:

1. Going back into your PM brings you to this screen. In the top right corner, you'll see a button that says EDIT YOUR ORDER. Click that.

2. The next screen will be your order confirmation page. In the top Left, you will see your PLEDGE LEVEL. Click that.

3.  The next screen will be the same pop up window with your pledge level as we saw in the first walkthrough. At the top right, you'll see a link that says SWITCH PLEDGE LEVELS? Click that. (That leads you to the same screen as the last screenshot of the previous walkthrough, where you can select CARDS ONLY or PASSPORT TIER 2.0.)

Just a reminder that changing your pledge to CARDS ONLY gets you this bundle at the backer price of $199, not the post-Kickstarter add on price of $245. And, by switching pledge levels, you won't receive duplicates of the Core Set, or any other items in your original pledge level. Then, you're free to go through and add on anything else you might want, like coins, playmats, or the like.

I'll tell you all the rest in an update immediately following this one.


Pledge Manager 2 Days In - Changes & Fixes, part 1
about 2 months ago – Wed, Oct 06, 2021 at 08:26:02 AM

Hi Everyone!

WOW, the Pledge Manager took off like a ROCKET! Thanks to all of you who dove right in. And I appreciate all of you who have been asking questions and alerting me to things that aren't clear or aren't working right. I know you all had to wait a long time to get this PM compared to other campaigns, and I love that you've all kept your enthusiasm high over the course of these months. Since the PM has now been open for a little more than two days, I wanted to check in and let you know what I've changed or fixed, and to address some common questions with all together.

The Return of CARDS ONLY

I got a lot of requests to make it possible to upgrade to the Cards Only pledge tier. So, by popular demand, CARDS ONLY is back, and available for you to switch into. And if you're not already in that or the Passport Tier, I'd recommend it, becasue the saving are CONSIDERABLE. As backers, you can still get it at the campaign price of $199. For non backers who pre-order, their price is $245. And they still save because the actual retail value of it is $277. So if you go from a bunch of individual add ons of this and that Companion to Cards Only, you're saving close to a hundred bucks. (And don't worry, Passport Tier backers - your backer savings is even steeper. Pre Order folks pay $379, and its retail value is $446.)

Digital Download Issues

A quick glance through the comments shows there have been some issues with people getting their print & play PDFs of the Core Set and the Epic Fantasy companion. Every backer who backed at the Core Set level and above is eligible to get them if you want them, and backers who backed at the $1, Coin Only, or Anthology Only who add on the Core Set can also get them - all they need to do is message me. After doing some troubleshooting, it looks like there is a place in Backerkit where I can manually disperse them, kind of like hitting refresh on your browser. I'm trying to do that once in the morning and once in the evening, just to make sure everyone gets theirs within a 12 hour window. So if you don't immediately see a link to download them, and then still dont get them in your inbox within 12 or 24 hours, just message me or leave a comment - I'll just email them to you, as I've already done many times for other backers.

There has been some confusion that the downloads are not the full versions of the Core Set and Epic Fantasy. Not true - they are the full versions. There have also been requests for digital only, with no physical purchase required. This is also totally an option, but you need to access the PRE-ORDER STORE to get them, and they're not free. If you're someone who wants the Download versions only without buying any of the physical decks, follow this link to the Pre Order Store:

Retailer Bundles

I also got requests from retailer backers to have a way to buy Companion Decks. I LOVE LOVE having retailers carrying my product, so I was all for this. I created Retailer Bundles of both the Core Set and Companions, availalbe to add on both the backer platform (for existing Retailer Backers) and in the Pre Order Store (for new retailers just jumping on board). The Core Set Bundle has 8 copies of the Core Set, and the Companion Deck Bundle gives you five copies of any one Companion Deck. You can add on as many different 5 copy bundles as you like. Sadly, mix-and-match bundles of five are not available.

More to say in another installment!


The PLEDGE MANAGER is Open for Business!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 04:50:39 AM

Hi Friends!

This is possibly the most exciting project update I’ve had the pleasure of writing on this project so far, so hold on tight! Ready?


We've done a  full day of the "Backerkit Smoke Test", where a random assortment of backers across all pledge levels & countries get their Pledge Manager early, to help identify bugs. We had only the smallest little shipping issue hiccups, and now, it's time to hit the Big Time.

At this point, you all should have received an email letting you know the Pledge Manager is live, with a link that will lead you straight to your survey. Once there, you should be able to see your original pledge, and whatever funds you backed the original campaign with. And then, it should take you on a Magical Mystery Tour of fun decisions you might need to make about coin styles, playmat designs, and the like. And then, you get to dive into Add On Land, where the fun really starts.

You’ll find all the individual items from the Kickstarter, as well as each of the individual stretch goals we opened. In addition, you’ll see a section called NEW ITEMS. LOTS for good stuff here, starting off with the new Contemporary: MATURE AUDIENCES Mini Companion we’ve talked about earlier. Also you’ll see several entries from Classic Reckless Deck, with the inventory that’s (finally) on its way to me from China right now. You’ll also find a new & unexpected option, which we’ll get to next, as I go into detail about some perks to look out for.

Playmats - and Mouse Pads!

In my attempt to get as many aspects of this project made here in the US, I reached out to my colleague and convention buddy, artist Drew Baker, who has a side playmat-printing business. Turns out he was keen to take on the work, and Lo! Playmat production moved from China to the US. One of the great things about working with a “Small Batch” printer is that he doesn’t have minimums for each design, which allowed me to offer you FIVE different playmat designs instead of three. And, on his menu of offerings was Mouse Pads,  which I hadn't actually considered before, and again, with no minimum order requirements. We certainly have plenty of great art exclusive to this project at our disposal, so I decided to make mouse pads an option! And, I decided to mirror the playmats, and offer five different art choices.

Dividers for both PSYCHE and Reckless Deck

We all knew that premium PVC dividers was a stretch goal from the campaign. I decided to do a second set of them for the Classic Reckless Deck categories as well, since I’ve been wanting them for Reckless Deck for a long time. You can add them on as individual items, or get them both together for a special price. The new version of the magnetic box (also found in New Items) also comes with your choice of one set, and you can add on the second set for a special price as well. Fun points of interest regarding the Reckless Deck set - first, there's a divider for the new POWERS category, which replaces the now-retired REINVENTION category. 10 all new POWERS cards can be found in the new printing of Volume 2, which is available in this Pledge Manager.  Second, you'll see  dividers for two 2 additional, never-before-announced new card categories that will be coming your way in 2022!

Digital Downloads

If you remember, each of you who backed at the Core Set level and above is eligible to receive a complete digital version of both the Core Set AND the Epic Fantasy Companion Deck. Those downloads will be available for you - pretty much right now! You should be prompted as part of your Pledge Manager to choose your preferred paper size for both sets, and will be able to get your download as soon as you complete the pledge manager. For those of you who maybe backed at a lower pledge amount, like say at the $1 level, or the single coin or the anthology level, because you planned to do your serious shopping in the Pledge Manager: if you want to get the digital downloads after you’ve buffed out your order, just message me through the Kickstarter. I’ll send you the digital files personally. One last thing about the downloads: these aren't work in progress versions - this is the FINAL, LOCKED CONTENT for both sets. So, BIG WINDOW into what the final content will look like in the printed sets. So go print ‘em out and play with ‘em! And FOR SURE let me know what you think in the comments.

Coin 3D Renders

The coin designs are currently represented by images of the 3D sculpts from the coin company, because that's where we are in the process. Most of them are what they call their “heat map” renders (which show the depth of the bevel of each of the sculpts), but a couple of them are the straight gold render version. I am waiting on updated renders for both the Horror & Urban Fantasy and Epic Fantasy designs, both of which will show off the improved final edge designs for each of them. And once I start getting photos of actual prototypes (or have actual physical coins in my hand), I’ll be updating the 3D render images with actual coin photos.

Updated Card Face Designs

Regardless of what level you backed, I encourage everyone to click on the Core Set in the Pledge Manager. In the images selection, you’ll see both the final card back design, as well as all the updated, final card face designs for each category. The card face designs have gotten a BIG UPGRADE since the original Kickstarter campaign last fall. I’d love to hear what you think of them, and if you have a favorite!

Update Your Shipping Address

Over the past months, many, many of you have reached out to me wanting to update your mailing address. Now is your moment! The Pledge Manager will prompt you to input your most current or preffered shipping address, and you can take care of that little detail very easily.

Last thing I want to say is, if any of you experience technical problems or hiccups with the PM, please message me immediately.

And the LAST last thing, just so this update isn’t a total giant word salad: check out this STUNNING new piece of Reckless Deck art, by concept artist Lauren St Onge! This is for the Classic Reckless Deck divider set, for one of those new categories I told you about:

"Pandora's Box" by Lauren St. Onge

Have fun splashing around in the Pledge Manager!